The difference between marketing and strategic marketing.


The difference between marketing and strategic marketing is sort of like the difference between a piece of cheese and using that piece of cheese to make some delicious lasagna – while the former may be great on its own, it’s nothing when compared to its use as part of an overall plan that makes the best use possible of all the parts involved.

A strategic marketing plan integrates selected, targeted marketing tactics all with common goals; while marketing alone is often activity without purpose.

Strategic marketing is ensuring that every one of your marketing efforts ( e.g., e-newsletters, advertising in magazines, website, direct mailers and so on ) aligns with your overall plan to connect the information you have with the audience that needs to hear it.

The key to understanding and creating an effective strategic marketing campaign is developing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that allows everyone in your organization to understand what your marketing goals are and your plan for accomplishing them.


Marketing has become extremely complex between hundreds of channels, many software options, tons of data, and audiences who have become numb to advertising along with short attention spans.

This is all the more reason for your marketing to be strategic rather than reactionary or just activity to fill the void.

A great strategic marketing plan should provide the following:

  • Clear prioritization of target industries, regions and audiences to ensure we are reaching the right people.
  • Definition of both goals and KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) with a plan to report the most critical metrics.
  • Selection of the right software platforms and tools based on your needs that have the ability to work seamlessly together.
  • Planning for resources, timeline and talent to execute across writing, design, programming, data analysis, systems integration, marketing and the needs for channels to be leveraged.
  • Organization of specific, targeted campaigns as well as general marketing tactics that lead prospects through awareness, engagement, conversion, nurturing, and sales.

If you ask marketers about what challenges they struggle with most, the top answers are generating traffic into leads and proving ROI.



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